"Venturing to Funchal's Outskirts"

FROM 49 €

"Venturing to Funchal's Outskirts"

FROM 49 €

Dive deep into the outskirts of Funchal, embarking on a cheeky 3-hour exploration of local bars that echo Madeira’s vibrant culinary heritage. The TASKA tour is a gastronomic delight that invites you to sample “dentinhos” – our unique dishes that speak louder than words.

From the zesty scabbard and octopus to the richly flavored giblets, pork, chicken, and tuna, every bite is a homage to Madeiran traditions. Don’t forget our bolo do caco bread, lupins, fava beans, and a surprising array of other local specialties.

Quench your thirst with eclectic drinks, embracing local recipes. Be it the invigorating punch of poncha, the sweet notes of Nikita, or the rustic charm of pe de cabra, every sip tells a tale. Dive into local beers, ciders, and Madeira wine, each a reflection of our island’s lush landscape and culture.

But beyond the food and drinks lies the essence of our journey – the stories of each establishment we visit. With histories that span decades, these local treasures offer a glimpse into how our locals socialize, celebrate, and savor life.



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