"Evening Embrace of Espetada & Culture"

FROM 59 €

"Evening Embrace of Espetada & Culture"

FROM 59 €

As the sun sets, journey into the hills of Camera de Lobos to unravel the secrets of Madeira’s iconic dish: Espetada. Seasoned with bayleaf, garlic, and salt, and served on skewers, the espetada is more than a dish; it’s an experience

Begin your evening at a Venezuelan-themed snack bar, a nod to the deep-rooted connection between Madeira and Venezuela. Relish empenadas, arepas, tequenos, and more, each bite a fusion of Madeiran essence and Venezuelan flair.

With the appetizers settling, take a picturesque drive through the stunning landscapes of Camera de Lobos, leading to our main course. Here, customize your espetada dinner, choosing from an array of meats and accompaniments. From rice and fries to cheese on the skewer and our traditional bolo do caco bread, indulge in an authentic Madeiran feast.



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